Keto Snacks Ideas – Which Is The Best To Eat Instead Of The Worst?

These Keto snacks ideas surely help you stop being insane to plan the next meals for your new Keto diet. Being healthy, tasty, and convenient is the top priority we focus on.

Some of our friends give up following the Ketogenic diet due to having no Keto snack ideas. They find it freaking crazy to repeat the same boring food day by day. Their failure wasted of time for sure. It is the reason why we make this Keto snack list to help them stick to the journey again.

what is keto

What is Keto?

Keto is a diet in which you minimize carbohydrates, increase fat as a form of energy for the body. In this process, the nutrients absorbed are mainly fat and protein. After 2 to 5 days, the body will enter the Ketosis mode because of the lack of energy from carbs.

Then the body begins to produce Ketones and other natural compounds to replace the carbs deficiency. Also, the body will burn fat to have more energy to provide for the body activities.

Basing on what you eat on a ketogenic diet (insert a related article here), we can choose the best Keto snack ideas. They need to be not only tasty but also healthy and convenient. Now, let’s see what we prepare.

What can you eat on a keto diet?

A list of Keto diet snack ideas

Among the Keto snack foods mentioned below, we will divide them into three groups. The first one is a snack for fat. The second one is a snack for fat and protein. And the third is the low-calories snack.

Keto snack for fat

1. Snack for fat

Most of us think that fat is not good for health. Overeating fat makes the risk of heart diseases increase. But, Keto uses fat to lose weight. How strange is it, right?

This fact is undoubtedly actual. You need to consume about 75% of your daily fat to succeed with the Keto diet. Therefore, it is essential to consume adequate amounts of the right natural types of fat as fish oil and olive oil. As for fats from vegetables or seed oils, you need to avoid them entirely.

There are some healthy Keto diet ideas to provide fat as the following:


We consider the avocado as one of the best picks for Keto. Besides fat, it is a fantastic source for protein, too. To add more flavor, you can sprinkle some salt, pepper, mayonnaise, and enjoy.


Another ideal choice is olive. It provides a significant source of fat and fiber with a low level of carb and protein.

Now, a lot of olive jars are available on the market. They are incredibly convenient for those who are pretty busy every day. But when choosing, you should remember to avoid the products containing carb-ridden ingredients.

Macadamia nuts

In comparison with other nuts, the macadamia contains a much higher amount of fat. For more detailed, every ounce of macadamia has about 21 grams of fat. 75% of this amount is monounsaturated fat, which helps you to lose weight well.

You also need to be careful, though. The macadamia overeating seems to be surprisingly easy. So, it will be better to divide raw macadamia into small packages for convenience.

Dark chocolate

What do you know about dark chocolate? It means that at least 80% of its content is cocoa. A simple recipe is to mix cocoa powder with some coconut oil. We are sure that it will become one of your new favorite keto snack ideas.

2. Snack for fat and protein

Guidelines for Protein Intake on a Keto Diet

We have three delicious Keto snacks to introduce you to both fat and protein addition.

Cheese chips

No carbs and a lot of fat and protein are the things making us appreciate the cheese chips. We often choose a crunchy version of Whisps as the Keto diet snack.


Have you ever tried some chia seeds or flaxseeds with nuts or nut butter? We dare that you will have to “WOW.” That mix is a rich source of fat, protein, and fibers, as well. An extensive range of benefits for health is waiting ahead.

Peanut butter

It is such a fantastic Keto snack. Thanks to the peanut butter, you can curb your craving and add more protein as well as a healthy fat for your body. When choosing the peanut butter, you should avoid the products added to sugar. There are only two ingredients, which should include peanut and salt.

3. Low-calories snack

When following the Keto diet, you are likely to face the food craving. These low-calories Keto snacks ideas will satisfy your needs and minimize hunger without taking more calories into your body.

Low-calories snack

Cherry tomato

For every half cup of cherry tomato, you get about two grams of carbs into your body. Of this amount, you can consider such fruit as an additional choice for the Keto diet.

Seaweed snacks

Many people do not know that this traditional Korean food can be a part of cutting the body weight.

Its content has a high content of antioxidants. Plus, the seaweed snacks contain chlorophyll. This compound helps you to get rid of hunger all the time. One more thing is that the snack also provides iodine which is useful got the metabolism.


It is a kind of ketonic drink that can boost your energy and increase the level of ketone, too. Despite raising much energy for your body through the dieting process, the coffee tends not to add extra calories. We suggest you use it with heavy cream for more fats.


Another choice is tea – a kind of carb-calorie-free thing for the Keto diet. To promote efficiency, you must not drink tea with any sweetener.

A lot of antioxidant flavonoids in tea is a benefit to improve the blood vessels function. Then, your heart is in a healthy mode through the diet. In order not to affect sleep, you should sip tea like chamomile tea if enjoying in the evening.

Kale chips

Before the Keto diet, the vegetable is never our favorite food. But the thing changes when we find the kale chips. It is so crunchy and delicious. This snack can completely beat the fatty French fries with a high level of calories.

keto snack ideas


Are there any Keto snack ideas which have already been your favorite? If you take time to search, a lot of ideas are ready to go with you in the Keto diet out there. Now, it is time to diversify your meal plan to get prepared with a long journey ahead.

If you have any idea for snacks, feel free to share us. Thank you and see you in the next article.

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